MY roots

My happy place has always been in the kitchen.

I find solitude in chopping vegetables or stirring a wild mushroom risotto. But most of all I love when I peer thru the kitchen door and see the people I care about enjoying a meal together. It’s why I got into cooking in the first place.  

Like many people, I grew up holding onto the apron strings of my mother and grandmother, learning how to make everything from the perfect pie crust to spaghetti dinner for 20. As a young adult I would bring friends together for casual Sunday dinners. One Sunday I was sitting in doorway of the kitchen watching a table of close friends fully engaged in laughter, drinking wine and enjoying dinner together. For those few hours the challenges of trying to make life work were far from our minds, we were just there, connecting with the people across the table from us.

After receiving my culinary arts degree I was lucky enough to experience a wide ranging career in the food industry. My journey has given me experience in everything from the top restaurants in the country to one of the best culinary job training programs around.

I founded Apron in 2008 with the idea of providing kids the opportunity to get in the kitchen. In 2018 I decided to tweeked the recipe to focus on all clients who need help in the kitchen. In addition to the kids cooking classes, which I still love to do, I also offer a wide selection of in-home cooking services and event planning.